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Digital Legacy is the top SEO company in Alexandria Virgina and beyond. Our expert SEO staff provides the best seo Alexandria VA. Our testing of the Google ranking algorithm make ranking your website a science! Google updates it’s algorithms on a near monthly basis. How do our website optimization experts stay on top of all the constant changes? We test and research like no other SEO firm in the nation does! We have live testing SERPs we have developed and designed to test hundreds of SEO factors. We can see the changes in all Local SEO an organic SEO factor every time the algorithm is updated simply by checking how our test SERPs have changed. No other SEO firm in the nation tests like we do, this give our expert SEOs the edge, and give our clients the advantage they need in the search rankings. We are not guessing about how to rank your site, we do it!. That is why our seo services are the best. Seo services Alexandria can be hit or miss, you can search for an seo agency and 9 out of 10 times you will not see the returns you want. Our award winning SEO agency in Alexadria provides the best results. We rank companies for national search queries as well as local!
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What is Included for our SEO Services in Alexandria VA?

  • Content Optimization
  • SEO Analysis
  • SEO Variable Analysis
  • Linking Strategies
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Press Releases
  • Technical Analysis
  • Local SEO
  • Google Stacking
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Social SEO

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Why Choose Us as Your SEO Services Provider? | SEO Alexandria Virginia

When you are looking for an SEO service provider, you should always ask if the company has case studies, if they can show you results. The provider should be able to show you they have successfully ranked other websites 1st in Google for both local and national level search queries. Our Alexandria SEO Company has ranked multiple websites and will provide you with those case studies where we have ranked sites 1st and brought in thousands of new website visitors a month for our clients! Our SEO services are the best because we test the Google search algorithm. You should always ask if a SEO Services agency tests the algorithm because there is no college degree that can teach it, and there is nothing online you can read to understand it! Google Changes the algorithm constantly and if you are not running tests then you are only guessing! Our Alexandria SEOs will show you our tests! There are 2 types of SEO to ask about when you interview a SEO agency. You should ask about Organic SEO and Local SEO Alexandria VA. There are 2 different algorithms for both of these. To rank for Local SEO is sometimes more beneficial than organic. Local companies can bring in thousands of web visitors from the Google maps listings and that is the focus of Local SEO for Alexandria or any other city.
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Local SEO Alexandria VA

Digital Legacy has a special scientifically tested method to rank you with our local SEO Services. We can get you ranking first in the Google maps for nearly any relative query in a month and keep you there! We are exceptionally experienced SEO experts and we have an award winning SEO and Local search engine optimization Staff. Truthfully the best combination for any business that is online is to leverage both local SEO services and Organic SEO services to boost traffic and rankings. Our Alexandria SEO office will be glad to provide you with an initial SEO analysis free of charge before we consult with you about what we can do. We are the best SEO services Alexandria VA Company!