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SEO marketing company & SEO Firm, Digital Legacy Marketing, provides nationally renowned SEO and website optimization for companies big and small in nearly any vertical imaginable. Though our website optimization company provides far more than just search engine optimization and local SEO services, such as web design and other online marketing services, our focus is clearly on providing the best on page SEO, off page backlinking strategies, and technical search optimization. We use the most powerful search engine optimization company tools, and we are one of the few online marketing companies that use single variable testing to know what works, even with Google’s constantly changing search algorithm.
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Increase Your Website’s Rankings With Local SEO Services By The Best SEO Marketing Firm

SEO Marketing and Local SEO services is the most effective way to increase traffic to your website. SEO however is not the only service needed, as Social Media, and Google Adwords also play a part in Search Optimization. In Search Engine Optimization for small business Social Media Signals are a big factor, as well as traffic and user data. Search engine companies like Google measure how people react on your website and what they click on, these user metrics, better known as conversion rate optimization, are important to them because they want to measure the user’s experience on your site to see if you are providing an answer to the user’s search query. Converting traffic on your website is crucial to a website optimization strategy.
Your SEO Marketing company should always look to improve your conversion rates as it is not only a website optimization signal to Google, but also impacts your sales directly. Many SEO companies in the US fall short of this and just go through a checklist of SEO dos and don’t they download off some website not knowing if the strategy will work or not.
If you want to know how we provide the best results of any SEO Marketing company in the USA just ask! Shoot us an email and we will gladly talk to you about how we test, and show you the results we have delivered for many satisfied clients. In fact we love sharing our SEO firm reviews!

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On Page & Off Page Search Engine Optimization Marketing Company Strategies

There are many countless variables that effect Search Engine Optimization. We won’t go through every single variable here, but we will go over some major factors that every website optimization company should cover to make an effective SEO strategy for their clients. Any SEO company near you that thinks all you need are links, or the opposite, just stuffing a few keywords on a page will get the job done, is going to leave you disappointed.

Content Strategy & On Page Website Optimization| Best SEO Company

To get great organic search rankings it takes keyword research so you know what the best keywords relative to your niche are by volume of searches. This can be done by using Google’s Adwords planner research tool. Once you have identified which keywords you want to rank for in Organic search, then it is time to develop an organic SEO strategy. Content is very important here, the text on your website is very important to optimizing a companies website for your keywords. Obviously this should be planned carefully in order to get the best performing website optimization for your site.
Once your content has been written, re-written, or tweaked for your on page SEO, the real on page optimization can begin. On page optimization include optimizing a great sales funnel to convert traffic. Search Optimization tactics are also developing great meta tiles to improve click through rate for the sear results pages. Then all the testing we do comes into play knowing the right keyword density, the correct semantic keywords to use, what should be in your header tags as well as which ones to use, among a long list of other on page factors is a hugely underestimated part of SEO. So much so that our website optimization company has ranked websites in the first position in Google just by doing onpage search optimization correctly!

Social Media & It’s Importance In Website Optimization For Your Company

The basics of Social Media and how it effects search optimization. Having all of the major social media site profiles full filled out and linking them to and from your website alone will give you a boost in rankings. That is not all, social signal play a role as well. Your profiles can rank in search engine results pages.

Other Social Factors for Website Optimization

Another important factor that will give your website a boost is having a following, and an active organic regular presence on social with people commenting. Our website optimization company knows the single most important factor for social that give a website a boost is shares. When a url is shared on social media that url will get boosted in the search results. We know this because we test! Our single variable testing has show sharing a url in social and in turn others sharing that will give the biggest bost in rankings from social media.

How Social Paid Advertising Effects SEO Marketing

Paid Social media can effect your rankings and give you a boost simply for the same reason sharing a url can, and having an active social profile. Social advertising get more people engaging with your content which is a signal. Advertising on social can also get your urls shared which will give you a nice boost. Any website optimization company will include this in your overall strategy depending on the difficulty of your vertical or niche.

How Content Marketing & Backlinks Are Off Page SEO Marketing Must Dos

Links from other websites pointing to your site has been a ranking factor in Google for over a decade. The degree of boost to your site has changed over time though. Google is constantly changing it’s algorithm, over time the effect of links on your site rankings have decreased, but they are still a large factor in getting your website ranked, especially in more difficult keyword SERPs. Content Marketing and backlink strategies are some of the most important tools for any website optimization company.

How Does Content Marketing Improve SEO Marketing?

Website content is shared and linked to all the time, if you have great content on your website people will share it, or link to it as a source for information on many different subjects. That is the plain and simple of how content marketing can boost SEO, when other website link to your website content it will improve your over all website optimization. Needless to say this should be a part of Website optimization for any SEO Firm.

Backlink Strategies For Improving Off Page SEO Marketing for your Company

There are many ways to get backlinks, some good and some bad. The really bad ones will get you in trouble and ruin your SEO by getting your site penalized. That is the worst kind of SEO. Many Black Hat SEO’s buy links, or use tools that will spam the internet in an effort to get links. These strategies are not good and our website optimization company does not ever use these strategies. Our backlink strategies involve only white hat tactics such as guest posting, blogging, and outreach. Those are the only methods that will get you’re the high quality backlinks you need to get ranked in the toughest verticals. Never use black hat tactics, and be sure your website optimization company only uses white hat link building strategies.
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Info Graphic A Great SEO Marketing Tactic

Info graphics are images that convey an idea or thought. A picture is worth a thousand words. Graphic designers can make images that combine ideas and charts or images that help get a message across very effectively. Info graphics are some of the most shared content on the web. If you have original infographics on your website, there is a very good chance many other website will share or use those graphics on their own websites. This is one of the secret weapons for our website optimization company. Truly one of the best ways to get organic white hat links!

Other Factors For SEO Marketing Companies

There are many other factors that effect website optimization. Almost any sort of advertising can drive traffic to your website that can help improve your user analytics which will in turn boost your rankings. Google Adwords can be effective in this or even traditional marketing methods that advertise your url. There are countless factors, knowing which ones have the most impact is the difficult part.

Reviews, Rating, & Online Reputation Will Effect SEO Marketing

You should always strive to have a great online reputation, that is a no brainer. Reviews and rating can however have a negative impact if you have an over all negative reputation online, or have too many negative reviews. Yes reviews will help with local SEO, but more importantly don’t hurt yourself with a poor online reputation, be sure to respond to bad reviews, and always encourage people to leave good ratings. Our Website Optimization Company can help you with collecting and responding to reviews.

Technical SEO A Major SEO Marketing Factor For Every Company

You may often hear of on page and off page SEO, the third major SEO area is technical SEO. Technical SEO is related to how your website is designed, developed, and hosted. Google reads the code on your website. Your website needs to meet certain coding standards. Poor coding can lead to many SEO issues from slow speeds to errors which will all have a negative impact on SEO. Be sure your website optimization company performs a technical SEO check up and gets any issues fixed immediately.

Website Design With SEO In Mind First

Website design for SEO covers many topics from optimization for conversions, to on page SEO such as title tags, image alt, and heading tags. It is designing to get perfect technical SEO as well. Speed is a huge factor and some coding can slow down websites. When a website optimization designs a site, your company has an advantage in ranking for the beginning. A good website optimization company can rank a web page for a keyword on the first page sometimes immediately. We have done that more than once. It is not impossible depending on the keyword and the niche.nationally renowned seo

Internal Linking Matters In SEO Marketing

Just like backlinks, internal links matter too. No they do not carry quite as much power as an external backlink, but with enough internal links you can boost your own pages with internal link sculpting. Understanding how to implement this strategy is an essential part of website optimization and SEO services. Be sure when you have your next website design you consider the internal linking structure, or let us review that for you.

Award Winning, Nationally Renowned SEO Marketing Company

If you are looking for the best in SEO and want to be sure you hire the top website optimization company then you have found the right fit for you. Digital Legacy Marketing in a nationally renowned and award winning SEO firm. We will get you to the top of the search engine results. Our nationally renowned SEO Marketing Company has SEO strategies that encompass every aspect of online marketing. Through research and testing we have developed results driven and proven website optimization tactics that will bring the traffic and conversions you have been wanting.
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