Top SEO Expert in NC, USA World Renowed SEO Expert James Lewis Founds Digital Legacy

James Lewis Founder of Digital Legacy Marketing is considered to be a top seo expert by many in the SEO and digital marketing industry. Well known in professional SEO circles his brilliant and innovative approaches to ranking websites has become a topic for many up and coming SEO professionals wanting to learn from the best SEOs in the US and the world for that matter. James founded Digital Legacy after leaving his job running the largest private data center in North Carolina. James wanted to challenge himself by taking on the most difficult challenge in all of digital marketing which is understanding the Google search algorithm and using that knowledge to rank websites.

Top SEO Expert James Lewis Helps The Small Guys Compete

Although James works with some of the largest companies in the world, he would rather work with the small to medium size businesses. Bringing the talents of one of the top SEO in the world to smaller business owners levels the playing field. Most companies could not afford him if he wasn’t interested in helping smaller companies compete online. Search engine optimization has gotten extremely complex, especially with the addition of artificial intelligence in search. James Quickly made a name for himself in SEO working with ST Engineering, VT Hackney, and Kidron, these large fortune 500 companies had previously outsourced their SEO to some big name Agencies (Not going to call anyone out here). Unfortunately like so many SEO companies out there, especially the ones that make a living on sell, sell, and sell more without backing up their products, or having the knowledge to do so, they did not deliver. Luckily for them James had spoken to their marketing director during a chance encounter and explained to her that he could rank them at the top of Google easily and quickly because he had been running live tests on Google’s Algorithm. This gave James the knowledge to come in, make a brand new page on his own marketing website with text content that was complete jibberish, except their top keyword, and proceed to rank that page number 1 in Google for their top keyword right in front of their executive board! Needless to say this got their attention and James had landed a very large client for Digital Legacy that would fund our growth and more research on Google’s algorithm. That is pretty legendary to say the least, and a story every employee at Digital Legacy Marketing knows well. Is there any doubt James Lewis is a Top SEO?

Work Directly With One of the Top SEOs In The World

James personally oversees and is contact with every SEO client we have. He in heavily involved in each and every one our our client’s SEO strategies, and he insists on it. James also designs training for our SEO team and spends time with every SEO team member to create the greatest pool of SEO talent in the world. Do not think that you are too small for us though, or you cannot afford us. Our favorite thing in SEO is that we can take the smallest companies website and outrank fortune 500 companies! That is something we take pride in and especially enjoy, in fact we have a wall in the office dedicated just for that, every time we win one for the little guys we post it on our wall!!! If that doesn’t make you feel good about what you are doing I do not know what will. We all need to make a living, but we are not in this to try to make a fortune, we are in this to help the little guys, to be the difference make for small businesses everywhere.

Top SEO Expert In NC & US In High Demand, Get Help While It Is Available!

Yes we are in high demand, and we have to be picky about who we work with, but if we think we can help you beat the big guys then you are exactly who we want to work with! If you want to set a time to speak to James about getting to the top of Google, making money online, and sticking it to the big boys, then email us, fill out our contact for, or give us a call. James might even answer the phone! Hahaha! Work with the top SEO expert in the US, or even one of the top SO experts in the world! We look forward to hearing from you!