Dr Jitendra Swarup MD Digital Marketing Case Study

I want to be certain that my client Dr Jitendra Swarup MD understand the basics of our case study as well as anyone who might find it online so I am providing some basics below.

Basic Definitions For Baseline Understanding

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) : Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most important long term strategies in digital marketing, yet providing SEO services is one of the most complex and work intensive services to provide. Google is constantly changing their ranking algorithm and staying on top of the things you need to rank well is extremely important. Obviously if your website is not ranking high, it will not get much traffic. Constantly working to improve your ranking is a must in today’s world if you want to make money online. SEO is not a short term fix, it takes months for these services to improve your rankings, but the returns on the investment are well worth it. There are many who may claim to be providers of this service, but there are few who can show great results, and that is just what we do! We show results! We improve traffic, conversions, and rankings month over month. Ranking your site is an incredibly complex service, but our experienced and dedicated team will provide you’re the results you have dreamed of! There are two types of SEO, there is local SEO and regular SEO services. Generally these are separate services, but they go hand in hand as well. Local SEO focuses on ranking you high in the local Google map pack that appears first when you search for local businesses. Regular SEO focuses on ranking you first in the regular organic search results

Local SEO: Local SEO brings a great deal of local traffic if you rank high in the Google maps section. That is our goal. Having all of your social profiles fully developed and correctly linked, your online business NAP (name, address, and phone) consistent across all business listings, and fully developing your Google My Business profile are all major factors among many in local SEO.

Local SEO: Local SEO brings a great deal of local traffic if you rank high in the Google maps section. That is our goal. Having all of your social profiles fully developed and correctly linked, your online business NAP (name, address, and phone) consistent across all business listings, and fully developing your Google My Business profile are all major factors among many in local SEO.

Google Adwords: There are many ways to advertise on Google’s Adwords platform. You can run search ads, remarketing, display ads, as well as shopping ads. In this system you bid against other companies for the top spot on a particular search. This is a highly simplified view of the service, yet the easiest way to describe it. Though it can be expensive to pay for clicks, calls, or web traffic, it can be very profitable if done well. We are Google certified to provide these services. We will develop and optimize campaigns to bring in immediate web traffic and online conversions for your company.
dr jitendra swarup md
Types Of Reputation Management: There are 2 basic types of reputation management services. The most basic of these and least expensive that most agencies provide is Review Based Reputation Management, They collect positive reviews and respond to negative reviews and try to keep them from reaching certain review sites. The rarest type of reputation management, and the most difficult service to provide on the entire Web is Search Based Reputation Management. Very few companies will even try to attempt this, and if the do they charge exorbitant amounts of money for these services, if they can actually get results. Most are not capable of providing results in this area. This is Basically SEO and a Large scale where you try to control all the results on a search result page. That means ranking for the top 10 spots in Google for every exact search you want to defend. This is a massive under taking to say the least.

The Differences In Agencies & Their Services (Jitendra Swarup)

There are 4-5 major services that Digital Agencies provide, they may try to say they have this bell or whistle or this or that shiney new things, or even twist up terminology to make you think it is something different or better, but all agencies have basically the same services they sell. The important thing to know is what those services are, and how they differ by each agency.
SEO: This service has a large disparity between each provider, there is no college that teaches this, there is no certification, and most agencies are not truly capable of providing this service with any quality. (Details on next page)
Local SEO: This service has a large disparity between each provider, there is no college that teaches this, there is no certification, and most agencies are not truly capable of providing this service with any quality. (Details on next page)
Reputation Management 2 types(you will learn more later): This is similar to SEO just on a much larger scale, not many agencies provide search rep management as it is the most difficult thing to do. Most provide review management and try to pass it off and search rep management.
Google Adwords or any Pay Par Click: Google Adwords is one service that is very similar from provider to provider as long as they have a Google Certification like I do.
Social Media: Social Media is basically the same from provider to provider, though some have more in depth knowledge on the advertising side and have their Facebook Blue Print Certification Like I do.

Why SEO, Local SEO, & Rep Management is so different and has such a large disparity in quality from provider to provider. (Dr Jitendra Swarup)

First lets get this sorted, all of these services are mainly based on understanding Google’s ranking algorithm, that is why they all fall in this same category.
The general expectation for SEO Industry wide for results is it takes 6-12 months typically to rank on the first page for any keyword, not to mention multiple keywords, or not to mention the 1st spot on the first page. That is the expectation set by agencies nearly industry wide.
Now that is out of the way we can discuss exactly why SEO is so difficult, and only the few elite can provide this service with any efficiency.
There are no college courses that teach SEO, there is no clear formula to follow, or instructions that work anywhere on the entire internet. Even if there were courses, or instruction you could study and learn, they would be irrelevant in a month! Google constantly changes it’s algorithm on a near monthly basis, and has now introduced artificial intelligence in the mix making it even more complex. (I will tell you exactly how to know for certain below)
The first rule of SEO is understanding the value of ranking 1st in Google. The internet has been around a while now and it is NOT easy to rank 1st in Google for any key word search that will bring in profits. That is a FACT of the internet. Millions of people have scoured the internet in search of any and every search term that can bring in money by ranking a website. The market has been saturated and many have been there and done that already. To rank first in Google for any search the brings any sort of financial benefit is extremely difficult! That is a simple fact that every business owner needs to know and understand! If there are agencies or SEO experts claiming they can rank you for a low price of $xxx.xx that is snake oil, forget it, it WILL NOT WORK! Ranking takes an incredible amount of expertise, some time, and it takes financial resources to compete. Many may be tempted by a low price, but it is a waste of time and money!
A Good SEO or Digital Marketing Agency Has Ranked more than 1 Website 1st in Google! Ask them to provide you examples of websites they have ranked first in Google, and for what keyword. Pull up a window in Google and search for that website, if you do not see that website ranking first then you know it is bull, run the other way! If you see it ranking first, notice if the search is local. That means is the search term looking for a local business or service such as insurance agent in Raleigh, NC, or is it a national or international keyword without a location in the search term such as Best Insurance Agency. Ranking for a local term is great and some of those can be highly competitive, but it is another level entirely to rank for a national or world wide search term. If they have ranked sites for that, then you know these guys must know what they are doing!
Our proof: search for Refrigerated Truck Manufacturer in Google and see we ranked our client Kidron.com 1st for their main keyword on a world wide scale!
The big agencies and companies out there have all sorts of tricks for selling you products, and you might think that these big guys must know what they are doing, otherwise why would they be so big right? WRONG….There are very few companies that rank for competitive keywords, if these large companies have thousands of clients how many do you suppose their clients get a great deal off attention? How many do you think rank first in Google? Few if any, so the majority of those clients if not all pay and never reach the top. Don’t be that guy. The huge companies pay very low level people to do your “SEO” which barely even registers as what the actual service is supposed to be, in fact they are just good at selling their product and that’s about it, don’t make that mistake. These are the guys who claim to provide a service, yet have no idea how to provide it, they are only about sales!

Science Matters! Why Testing is the only thing that makes a Great SEO (Jitendra Swarup MD)

Since Google changes it’s ranking algorithm nearly every month or so any information on the web, or any information being taught is no longer relevant after a month. So how can anyone know what is going on? Testing is the answer! A Great SEO understands they need to run their own tests on the algorithm, and I don.t mean scrape data and make wild hypotheses, and educated guesses. To test the algorithm one must make thousands of test pages with pig latin, or nonsense content, then design a test for a non sense keyword nobody else is trying to rank for. Then you change 1 thing on a web page(Single Variable Testing). You search for that nonsense keyword and there you will see if that 1 thing you changed on that page makes that web page rank higher than the identical pages without the variable you are testing. It take a great deal of resources and tests to come up with actual scientifically tested and repeatable results. That is testing, and a great SEO tests every variable imaginable, and can at any point check the search results for a keyword and tell exactly what Google is doing, even when they change their algorithm. So if you want the best SEO in the world, ask if they are testing varibles and have tests running, and to show you one of their tests. That is the way to get the absolute best SEO experts in the world working to rank your website and get the results you want!
Want to see one of our tests?
Jitendra swarup 1
dr jitendra swarup 2

Test Summary

The test in the above 2 slides is relatively simple. The made up keyword is circled in red, we made many pages for that keyword, the text on the page is made of nothing but made up pig latin words just like the keyword we used. We changed 1 variable we were test per page. We designed this test to see what we could Change to give us the Top on page boost. The results are clear that Having the Keyword in the Title as Circled in Red ranks #1, that seems like an obvious one huh? Yes, but I would rather reveal one of my simple tests than others that carry far more value as we spend a great deal of time and resources testing hundreds of variables. The point is this IS the only way to be the best at SEO/Reputation Management! WE ARE THE BEST!

SEO Summary Dr Jitendra Swarup MD Case Study SEO

In January 2018, the month before I took Dr Jitendra Swarup MD on as a client, your website barely ranked in Google at all, you had only 16 Website visitors for that entire month and Zero lead form submissions. Yet Dr Jitendra Swarup had been paying this large Agency a great deal of money for more than a year to provide SEO services. In the next slide you can see you have more than 1600 visitors to Dr Swarup’s website from Google organic search just last month, and 59 new patients submitted requests for contact! That is a MASSIVE Improvement!
When I took over SEO Jitendra Swarup MD ranked only for his brand name, 1 single search phrase, today you rank 1st in Google for 250+ relative search phrases! You also rank first for nearly every imaginable relevant term for every city location!
jitendra swarup seo report 1
jitendra swarup seo report 2

Google Adwords Summary Jitendra Swarup Case Study

You have a budget of about $1000.00 per month in Google Adwords. Since you pay per click and have a set budget for each month we focus on the most profitable keywords. There are far more search terms out there than your budget will buy. So we focus on Cataract and Lasik Surgery as they have high intent and convert into actual patient contact very well. The most important metrics I have highlighted. These metrics are Cost per Conversion, you get this number by dividing cost by number of new lasik/cataract patient contacts. Your cost per new cataract surgery patient contact is $32.77. That is INCREDIBLY EFFICENT advertising!

swarup MD adwords report 2

Local SEO Summary Jitendra Swarup Case Study

When I took over in February of 2018 your local search was a disaster! There were only 2 of your locations in Google, the rest I had to create, and the 2 that existed had incorrect information and were not complete. You had no presence on any of the Google Local Maps because of the carelessness of the previous provider. Just last month you had 10,893 total related searches where you ranked first in Google Maps for ALL locations! IMPRESSIVE! From those local area searches 526 visited the website, 310 got directions to one of your locations, and 1344 called you directly from the Call Now button on the Maps Listing!!! Those are surely incredible results!
You currently rank first in the maps section for nearly every imaginable relative search term in every single city location!